Welcome to the Craic

Please enjoy the craic sensibly, may contain nuts, no animals were hurt in the making of this website.

The site that's all about having the Craic.

Soon You'll be able to upload your own self made video's of being out and having the craic.

Angry Kid - Sofa Attack

Angry Kid:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back behind the sofa!

Russian Soldier Falls For Spoon Prank

Other Yokes:

U can't stop yourself laughing....watch it

Angry Kid - Chemistry

Angry Kid:

What you can't see won't hurt you. Heh.

Irish Builder

Other Yokes:

Class shovel skills, now if he was a real man he'd throw the whole barrow up.

Angry Kid - Wanker

Angry Kid:

Once again Dad must succumb to the Ginger Inquisition

Celtic Blondes

Other Yokes

Our very own "Celtic Blondes" doing their stuff at the Westmeath Talent Competition a few years back.

American Answers to Irish Problems

Other Yokes

Americans interviewed about Irish problems, and rather than admit they don't know what the interviewer is talking about they feel they have to answer. 

Ursula McCarthy Reports

Cop on:

Them Culchies is always here, all over the place, like cattle they are, smell a shite off them.

Angry Kid - Captain Thunderpants

Angry Kid:

Stew my foot and call me Brenda!

Mime Through Time by SketchSHE

Other Yokes :

Buckle up as SketchSHE take you for a ride through the ages! (Contains hip thrusting, low riding and head banging…obviously.)