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Guy goes down stairs on bike

Cop on:

A guy has a few beers, then decides to do what any sensible person would - ride his bike down the stairs. Total eeeejit.

90 year old does double backflip

Other Yokes:

June goes to the gym to prove she can still do a double back flip

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

Other Yokes:

A girl has a pair of jeans body painted onto her and then walks 'butt naked' around New York streets.

Ireland's Next Top Altar Boy

Republic of Telly

Angry Kid - Hard Face

Angry Kid:

Angry Kid is brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror pretending to be different characters.

Angry Kid - Marathon Man

Angry Kid:

A dog is not just for Christmas. It's for Firework Night too!

Angry Kid - Sofa Attack

Angry Kid:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back behind the sofa!

Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam FAIL - MASCOT STEPS IN

Other Yokes:

Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam catches couple arguing at basketball game - then the MASCOT steps in.


Sminky Shorts

Angry Kid - Catapult

Angry Kid:

He's tooled up, he's threatening, and he's a twat