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The site that's all about having the Craic.

Soon You'll be able to upload your own self made video's of being out and having the craic.

Angry Kid - Wanker

Angry Kid:

Once again Dad must succumb to the Ginger Inquisition

Angry Kid - Catapult

Angry Kid:

He's tooled up, he's threatening, and he's a twat

Doctor Hah

Doctor Hah

Republic of Telly

Dr Hah battles the GAAlecs

If Disney Princesses Were Real

Other Yokes:

Why Cinderella, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Belle, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Ariel would make terrible best friends.

Guy goes down stairs on bike

Cop on:

A guy has a few beers, then decides to do what any sensible person would - ride his bike down the stairs. Total eeeejit.

Scream for Ice Cream

Other Yokes:

This Turkish ice cream man has gotten the act of trolling down to an art.

Angry Kid - Swollen

Angry Kid:

Angry Kid has fun with Speccy's nut allergy.

Angry Kid - Dustbin

Angry Kid:

Speccy is made an offer he can't "refuse".

Irish Water The Bull McCabe

Other Yokes:

Bull McCabe sorts out those Irish Water scum, I'm voting for him, wish he was my local TD

Drunk Mixed Martial Arts


These guys are so twisted they can hardly stand, but still they want to fight. So here they are demonstrating the martial art of Bulmers