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Please enjoy the craic sensibly, may contain nuts, no animals were hurt in the making of this website.

The site that's all about having the Craic.

Soon You'll be able to upload your own self made video's of being out and having the craic.


Sminky Shorts

Angry Kid - Captain Thunderpants

Angry Kid:

Stew my foot and call me Brenda!

Americans Watch Hurling For The First Time

Other Yokes

Americans reaction to seeing Hurling for the first time. "It's like field hockey, except they beat the crap out of each other"...

Angry Kid - Tourettes

Angry Kid:



Sminky Shorts

White Chalk - Architects (live)

White Chalk

Ireland's Next Top Altar Boy

Republic of Telly

Girl with Unique Talent

Other Yokes:

Need an animal? well this girls got them all. I wonder if she can do the Lesser spotted Peruvian nose shrew, probably not.

Angry Kid - Hard Face

Angry Kid:

Angry Kid is brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror pretending to be different characters.

Bridget & Eamon: The Trip

Republic of Telly