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The site that's all about having the Craic.

Soon You'll be able to upload your own self made video's of being out and having the craic.


Sminky Shorts

Drunk Mixed Martial Arts


These guys are so twisted they can hardly stand, but still they want to fight. So here they are demonstrating the martial art of Bulmers

Nap Time

Other Yokes:

Naptime! - Many children were harmed in the making of this video.

Angry Kid - Backwards Writing

Angry Kid:

An ambulance goes past the car and Angry Kid asks his Dad why Ambulance is written backwards.

Stone Cold Tiddles

Other Yokes:

This one tough kitty cat is not afraid of the snow and will answer to no man, unless you are serving dinner.


Sminky Shorts

White Chalk - Carnival of Lights (acoustic)

White Chalk

Simons Craft Butchers | Fish and Chips

Other Yokes:


Slutguard For Sale

Other Yokes:

SketchShe: 17 easy payments of $19.99 and the Slutguard can be yours to own!

Why Women Stay Single

Other Yokes:

I Don't see anything wrong with this, perfectly reasonable behavior, women can be so picky.