Bog Talk

Russian Soldier Falls For Spoon Prank

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U can't stop yourself it

Shite Irish Girls Say

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Irish Gypsy Calls Out Garth Brooks

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If I have to go over to the Shtates to get ye, and bring ye back on a Ryan Air flight. Across the world in the shky.

Irish Water The Bull McCabe

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Bull McCabe sorts out those Irish Water scum, I'm voting for him, wish he was my local TD

Up the north

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They all sound like deedle dardle doodle dardle deedle deedle dee. 

Lion opens car door

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Definitely an "excuse me change of underwear required" moment.

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

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A girl has a pair of jeans body painted onto her and then walks 'butt naked' around New York streets.

Mulder the clever kitty

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I Had No Idea Why They Put Water In Front Of The Door. But Watch What Happens… Wow!

Introducing : Irish Air

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After Irish Water's amazing (cough) ehem 'success in getting the Irish public to pay for water (that they have already paid for in their taxes) again, they decide to tax air.

A Kerryman Gives Directions

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A Kerryman Gives Directions.